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The soundtrack to Scott Hicks' new film, featuring a delicate and ethereal guitar score by Hal Lindes paired with meticulously chosen songs by Sigur Rós, Ray Lamontagne, Carla Bruni, Mayfield, Elbow and Carney.

As composer Hal Lindes observes: "On first listening, 'The Boys Are Back' score appears deceptively simple. Understated and restrained notes carefully plucked from an intimately recorded acoustic guitar.

The choice of music came about in a seemingly effortless way. While driving through South Australia, looking for locations for the film, director Scott Hicks found himself listening to subdued acoustic guitar-based music. Keen to avoid the trap of sentimentality, the directors' decision not to have a conventional movie score has pointed him in the direction of guitar virtuoso Hal Lindes, formerly of Dire Strait.

Hal Lindes brings emotional restraint to the fragile and multi-faceted guitar score:
"The challenge was not so much about what the yet to be created musical score would need to say, but more about what the music would not say, thus allowing the film to speak for itself."

Best described as understated and restrained, the score perfectly fits Clive Owen's heartfelt performance as a father who must cope with profound loss and put his family back together. Owen’s performance brings forward the sensitive, expertly crafted exploration of the bond between a father and his sons. Undeniably, The Boys are Back is a funny, touching, vital movie, Scott Hicks' best work since his 1996 Oscar-nominated film Shine.

in context of the film's rich emotion layers that the true complexity of the score comes to light."

Executive Producer: Scott Hicks
Produced by Hal Lindes
Original Score Composed, Arranged and Guitars
Performed by Hal Lindes
Conducted and Orchestrated by Rick Wentworth
Recorded at Angel Studios, London
Engineered by Steve Price
Film Music Supervisors: Chris Gough & Ian Neil
Score Coordinator: Nyree Pinder For HotHouse Music Ltd.

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1. The Boys Are Back
2. Fljótavík – Sigur Rós
3. Water Fight
4. All the wild horses – ray lamontagne
5. Joe & Laura
6. Katy’s Garden
7. This Wasted Life – Mayfield
8. Joe’s Office
9. Family Photos
10. Harry & Artie Home Alone
11. The fix – Elbow
12. Journey To England
13. Love Me, Chase Me – Carney
14. Don’t Abandon Us Now
15. Paddinton Farewell
16. You Belong To Me – Carla Bruni
17. The Boys Are Back (Reprise)
18. Ara Bátur – Sigur Rós