NY-LON Running Time:  23:20 Minutes


Hal Lindes

Arranged & Performed by:

Hal Lindes 


London, England

The Film:

Filmed in London and on location in New York's Lower East Side, NY-LON follows the trans-Atlantic love affair between a bohemian New York record store clerk and London high-flyer stock broker after their chance meeting.

Starring Stephen Moyer  |  Rashida Jones  



  1. NY-LON
  2. Ashes Over East River
  3. Edie & Michael Break Up
  4. Hello Goodbye
  5. Welcome To London
  6. NY-LON No. 2
  7. Michael’s Theme
  8. Lost & Found
  9. Edie & Michael’s First Date
  10. Michael’s Theme (Revisited)
  11. That’s Good Advice
  12. Kristen’s Theme
  13. NY-LON No.3