This Is Personal (The Hunt For The Yorkshire Ripper)
The Infiltrator

Running Time:  33 Minutes


Violin: Marina Manukian
Violin: Gavin Wright
Viola: Marina Manukian
Cello: Sevan Pogsyan
Cello: Tony Pleeth
Bass: Dave Stone


Hal Lindes

Arranged & Orchestrated:

Hal Lindes 


John Mackswith


Todd A-O Studios, Los Angeles
London, England

The Films:

From The Director John Mackenzie comes a powerful and shocking true story starring Oliver Platt. When An American journalist visits Germany, he finds that the violent world of Nazism has a new face:  The face of cold hearted, brutal German youth. What he discovers is a dangerous link between young Neo-Nazis and old surviving soldier's of Hitler's Third Reich, still alive, still preaching hate and world domination.

Backed by a group dedicated to the exposure of Nazis in hiding, he takes part in a high-risk sting operation to flush out the Nazi organization's leaders. But when a journalist goes this far undercover, the danger is that he may never surface...alive.

Starring Oliver Platt  |  Peter Riegert
Directed by John Mackenzie

THIS IS PERSONAL (The Hunt For The Yorkshire Ripper)
From the director David Richards comes a dramatization of the
real-life, long police investigation and hunt for the notorious
Yorkshire Ripper serial killer in northern England in the late
1970s / early 1980s, showing the effect that it had on the health and
career of Assistant Chief Constable George Oldfield who led the enquiry.

Starring Alun Armstrong
Directed by David Richards



1.  The Ripper Theme
2.  Feel The Mark
3.  Reconstruction
4.  Could Be Looking At Him Now
5.  Press Conference
6.  And The Baby
7.  New PNC Link
8.  Probably Be All Right
9.  The Ripper (Reprise)
10. This Is Personal
11. Not Coming Home
12. I’m Jack
13. And The Baby (Reprise)
14. There She Is
15. The Infiltrator
16. Nazi Shrine
17. Are You With Them?
18. Confession
19. Personal Possession Of The Führer
20. Police
21. Delta
22. Kiss & Tell